Attending to the Beauty of Creation and the New Creation


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About Charles P. Arand & Erik Herrmann’s Attending to the Beauty of Creation and the New Creation, Travis Scholl writes:

“It is easy to see ‘beauty’ in things we have already deemed to be beautiful. It is another thing entirely to discover beauty in the ordinary and the commonplace. And yet, as Charles Arand and Erik Herrmann acknowledge, this is how ‘we may give thanks and praise to God for his entire creation and not only the parts that we like.’ Part of this thanks and praise is not only to perceive the first-article beauty of the world God created ‘good,’ but also to witness how God will take up the things of this earth into the new creation yet to come in Christ. Drawing on sources as various as theology, nature writing, poetry, and art, this essay explores how our perception of the many beauties of the whole world can infuse and deepen ‘the entire life of Christian faith, hope, and love.'”

Concordia Pages is a series of shorter articles and essays available as PDFs for individual study or small group discussions in congregations, Bible studies, or among church workers (such as Winkel conferences in LCMS circles).

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