Christ is Risen, Indeed: Good News For Him and For Us


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About Christ Is Risen, Indeed: Good News for Him and for Us, Jeff Gibbs writes:

“Good Friday and Easter (along with Ascension and Pentecost) go together, one event, in a sense. Different New Testament texts invite us to emphasize now one aspect of that multifaceted reality, now another. Even when the focus is, for instance, on the death of Jesus, there is more than one thing to say about it: propitiation, ransom, redemption, casting out of Satan, a pattern for our discipleship, and so on. All are true. In this essay, however, my focus will be quite intentionally on the Easter side of things.

“I offer this essay as a somewhat basic, beginning sort of study. We will begin with a foundational assumption that must be firmly established if our theology of the good news of Easter is going to regain its rightful place.”

Concordia Pages is a series of shorter articles and essays available as PDFs for individual study or small group discussions in congregations, Bible studies, or among church workers (such as Winkel conferences in LCMS circles).

The PDFs are available as free downloads at Professionally printed copies can be ordered here in bundles of ten.

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