The Gospel in Seven Words


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The season of Lent is a time to reflect and repent. It’s a time to confess our sins as we prepare for Holy Week. But it’s also a time to confess our faith. It’s a time to prepare to give a reason for why Holy Week is so important. That’s what this series of midweek sermons tries to do. It aims to equip Christians, laypeople and pastors alike, to confess their faith before a lost and dying world. It does this by reflecting on the various ways the Scriptures confess the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Concordia Seminary Professor Peter Nafzger has prepared “The Gospel in Seven Words” to invite hearers to formulate a confession of the gospel using only seven words (or less). The hope is that, throughout this season of Lent, hearers will spend time searching for and finding the right words, centered in biblical images and metaphors, to summarize their hope in Christ. The series includes manuscripts for both traditional and dialogical sermons, biblical readings, liturgical helps, litanies, and hymn suggestions. The PDF also includes a free link to videos of the Pre-Lenten Workshop Prof. Nafzger led on this series.