The Myth of Righteous Anger


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About Jeff Gibbs’ The Myth of Righteous Anger, Charles Arand writes:

“It is hard not to draw the conclusion that we live in a society that is characterized by constant anger and outrage. While it may not be unique to our current age, what is new is the way in which social media has provided a megaphone for expressing our anger, often to shame others into thinking and acting in ways we find acceptable. Of course, Christians are not immune either to feelings of anger (in so far as we are shaped by original sin) or the use of social media to express our outrage (in so far as we are shaped by our culture). But Christians are perhaps more susceptible to justifying their anger as a kind of ‘righteous anger,’ which makes it, somehow, okay. In light of hearing the phrase ‘righteous anger’ on more than one occasion, Dr. Gibbs decided to explore whether such a concept exists in the New Testament. Thus, he examines several passages that are often used as warrants for ‘righteous anger,’ and concludes that the notion of ‘righteous anger’ does not exist. It is a myth.”

Concordia Pages is a series of shorter articles and essays available as PDFs for individual study or small group discussions in congregations, Bible studies, or among church workers (such as Winkel conferences in LCMS circles).

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