Christ and American Culture


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Going beyond H. Richard Neibuhr’s famous paradox model on “Christ and Culture,” Dr. Paul Raabe contends for a biblical, dynamic tension that exists between the culture and the faith. Using the image of a house, Raabe explores four “rooms” : (1) Christianity affirms culture in some respects; (2) Christianity opposes culture in some respects; (3) Christianity leavens culture in some ways; and (4) Christianity uses cultural forms to communicate its message. Each of the four rooms needs to be lived in for maintaining the tension presented in the Scriptures as a faithful witness to the lordship of Christ.

Concordia Pages is a series of shorter articles and essays available as PDFs for individual study or small group discussions in congregations, Bible studies, or among church workers (such as Winkel conferences in LCMS circles).

The PDFs are available as free downloads at Professionally printed copies can be ordered here in bundles of ten.

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